File sharing with friends, your way

Sharing with friends has never been easier: You have absolute control of how and with whom you share your files, inside safe, moderated communities.

Create or bring over your own community. Or join any of the existing ones.

Communicate and collaborate: keep in touch with your friends.

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Organize your Space

You can have all the information in a single window or spread it around multiple monitors.

Even if minimized or hidden the program will alert you when something happens in the taskbar and tray.

Home sidebar will tell you which windows have activity so you are always in control.

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Components and Styles
Filetopia FX themes

Dress me as you want!

With a choice of 9 different themes.

You have 6 dark themes and 3 light themes to match your mood.

Multi-platform, Multi-language

Java based to work on desktop: windows, linux...
Web version being developed for all desktop and mobile devices.
Program is available in 6 languages at this time: english, spanish, german, italian, dutch, arabian

Selective, Secure Sharing

Create any number of lists with exactly the content you want. Share them with all or specific rooms, groups or users. Assign permissions to users and groups including server slots and bandwidth.

Flexible User Interface

Float windows, change tab positions, choose from 9 different program themes and over 25 different chat presets or make your own.

Instant Messenger

Filetopia includes a powerful instant messenger with many features to make your online experience fun and secure.


Our 15+ years of experience with the classical Filetopia has given us a good insight about how important moderation is for an open system. This program includes many features to keep unwanted people from disturbing your community.


While global file search is not implemented to encourage sharing with friends, just about everything else is searchable: rooms, messages, lists, logs, chat, walls, even inside search results.

This is the default behaviour for Windows 8 for all downloads that are not approved by Microsoft. Although the program has been digitally signed, it will take a while to get approved. Meanwhile the program is perfectly safe to use, but you will need to authorize it manually for the time being.
Alternatively, you can download the Zip version, and uncompress it to any folder. It will generate a portable version for you, but you must have Java 8 already installed.
The program bundles its own Java and will not mess any of your computer settings or installed Java (if any). It can be un-installed like any other program. Futhermore, you have an option to install it “portable”, in which case, you can safely move it to any location, like a USB drive and use it in any computer without installing.
Yes, in your own computer, accesible with a special encrypted key that you can share with your friends, without even connecting to the Filetopia Network.
You can copy/paste images and capture and use emoticons posted by other people by default. To be able to post your own images and emoticons you must be enabled by a system operator. This is to prevent disruption in the communities.
By default you can own one public room and as many private rooms as you want. In case you have a justified need to own more than one public room, just contact a system operator and they will enable more rooms for you. You can be an admin in as many rooms as you are given operator status.

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100% Clean

Usage: download the script and run: bash at the download location (the script must be run as a root user, e.g. using sudo)

What we do

About Us

My name is Enrique Martin. Since 1999 I have developped P2P applications and communication software. My flagship product is Filetopia. When it was developed, the concept of P2P did not even exist, so we can say we are pioneers in this area.

This remake of Filetopia brings it to the 21st century. Using modern technologies and possibilities, but also leveraging on our experience to bring the idea to a new level.

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